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As pawrents to two crazy, judgy cats and one cheeky, sweet dog - We know what it's like to spend all our free time and money on them. Aside from sourcing for the best food, it's safe to say that we've searched all over the world for (sometimes necessary) accessories that satisfy our taste buds. 

Our aim is to provide high quality and sophisticated products for our Mao and Woof. Most of our products are handcrafted and are not mass produced like those that you find in conventional pet stores. We source from all over the world to provide the best for our furry children, to make quality, durable, and unique products more accessible to the many pet pawrents in Asia and the rest of the world.

All products have been tested by Hero, Ginger, and Cookie – our rescued brother cats and a Singapore Special puppy. Follow their journey on @maomaowoof!

We hope you find what you like. If not, we are always open to suggestions on finding more partners!

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